Saturday, December 23, 2006

Main Street

Sylvanians are living their adorable lives in the Sylvanian Village. One sunny afternoon on the main street of the Sylvanian Village, some little Sylvanian rush out to get their favourites from the sweet cart before it goes off, shopkeeper Mouse is happily serving his two loyal customers Mr & Mrs Rabbit for an ice-cream soda. Can you see anyone else?


Kiki said...

mmm....我見到Petite Bear郵差叔叔啦﹐Whiskers cat Pizza叔叔啦﹐仲有兔仔媽媽...Heehehe

iceklicky said...

還有一位比較隱蔽的PC Bobby Roberts 站在 pizza 車旁,備糖車遮了半個頭.正在與 Whiskers cat Pizza 閒談... :)

annabel said...

i love your main street diorama. how many houses do you own?? you lucky duck!! i want more!!