Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sylvanian Village Grocery Store

Sylvanian families grocery This is Mr Sheepie Grocery Store.
All products are Sylvanian Families owned (except the glass jar).
Sylvanian families coffee & teaThe store offers a wide selection of grocery products like
cookies, biscuits, lollies, juices,
shop Sylvanian familiescookware,
Sylvanian families tablewareflour, bread, cutleries, other tablewares,
Sylvanian families daily needshoney, cream, jams, cheese, butter and many more.
Mr Sheepie is committed to make your grocery
shopping experiecne as easy as possible.
Visit him today at the Sylvanian Village Main Street,
opposite to the Bramble Department store.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sceret Soup Returns

Story continued from ~ Mama Judy's Soup lesson ~
シルバニアファミリー This year Sylvanian Soup Festival was held outside the Sylvanian Fancy Restaurant.
Each families were to prepare their own soup this year.

シルバニアファミリー世界 All ingredients were sponsored by the Hedgehog family vegetable garden.
Sylvanian families village While all families were busy in prepareing their soup,

three little boys were thinking about something else.

Sylvanian families stories

They quietly went in the Watermill Bakery Shop when nobody noticed.

Sylvanian families collectors

They took out whatever ingredients available in the bakery and

started to make their own soup.

They followed the notes that Mama Judy taught them during their soup lessons.

Sylvanian families shops

Hedgehog baby didn't know that Mama Judy had already

noticed about their action.

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Sylvanian families bakery shop
Sylvanian families watermill bakery

Sylvanian families fox brother
Sylvanian families old bakery shop

They left the soup on a trolley hoping that someone would taste their soup.

Since they were not allowed to enter the competition on their own.

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With Mama Judy and Fox brother's help, the boys won the best soup prize again.