Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mama Judy's Soup Lesson

Sylvanian families rabbits One sunny afternoon, when the Sylvanian children were playing in the playgound, they realized the Sylvanian Soup festival is coming soon.
(To see what happened in the soup festival last year, see )
Sylvanian Families house So they went to see the Mama Judy in the Sylvania Boutique. Mama Judy is an elderly person. Everyone in the Sylvanian Village says that she knows lots of things.sylvanian families dinner
sylvanian families babies
sylvanian families home
sylvanian families sewing set One week later, the kids went to the Sylvanian Boutique,
but they couldn't find Mama Judy.
sylvanian families kitchen Mama Judy was staying in the back of the shop,
she heard the conversation between Lea and the kids,
she thought the kids didn't need her , so they did't care about her anymore.
sylvanian families dress shop
sylvanian families village sylvanian families town
The kids didn't know that they could pass the card in person to Mama Judy,
they thought it has to be posted into a post box, as it was the first time they write a card.
That further delayed the time when Mama Judy receives it.
sylvanian families love
One week later, Mama Judy had recovered from the injury.
She still hadn't seen or heard anything from the kids. She was very upset
and decicded not to show the kids how to make soup again.
But suddenly, Postman Bear and Waitier Mouse delivered something unexpected to her....
sylvanian families caresShe read the card and noticed
how much effort the kids had put in to get her the gift.
sylvanian families friends The soup lesson resumed. As a return,
Mama Judy taught the kids a family's secret recipes for soup.


Welles Tan said...

interesting ang cute blogging!

iceklicky said...

Thanks Welles!~

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Lea said...

Awesome story!

Anonymous said...

iceklicky 多謝創作左呢個咁有趣既小故事!! 好溫暖好有趣, 如果生活係一個咁既森林世界係件好幸福既事! (^^*)
諗返起其實呢3位森林Babies, 係舊年已經係褒湯天才創造左絕世好湯Secret Soup! 呵呵~(^+++^)


iceklicky said...

Hi all,
Thanks for your comment!
Hi Kiki,
Yeh, these three Sylvanian babies are very dedicated in making soup...haha

Anonymous said...

I love sylvanians, especially yours!