Sunday, April 19, 2009

School Lunch 2

sylvanian bakery
At the Sylvanian Families Bakery Shop

sylvanian st john's schoolSylvanian watermills bakery

sylvanian strip cat families
sylvanian families kitchen
sylvanian families cook
sylvanian families sence
sylvanian families playground At School the students are waiting for the fresh bread to come.
sylvanian families bicycle
Terry took Father Fox to the Pizza shop.
sylvanian families pizza deliverysylvanian families village
sylvanian families pizza lunch


Anonymous said...

iceklicky, 你既新作真係勁啊!好生動好有趣! 每一次睇你既作品都感受到你對創作森林小故事的熱情!多謝分享!(^^*)


Lea said...

Awesome ... what a harmony village. People help each.

iceklicky said...

Hi Kiki,
I like your craft and animation too!!hehe

Hi Lea,
Haha yes, hasn't had anyone fighting yet...:P

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the grass?
P.S.My blog is called
its really bad but I just started it this week.

iceklicky said...

Hi Roseoffood,
I got the grass from a model shop :)
Great start of your blog! Keep it up.