Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Land

Sylvanian Inn After a long journey, the children spent their evening in a small Japanese Inn before heading to their destiny - The Hello Kitty Land.
Sylvania families The Children enjoyed the freedom to turn the room upside down.
Hello Kitty bus The following day morning,
they took turn to get on the Hello Kitty Bus to enter the Hello Kitty land.

Hello Kitty school They first greeted Hello Kitty Papa, who is a kind and friendly person. Hello Kitty Papa is looking after everything in the Hello Kitty Land, like the Sylvanian village chief.

Hello Kitty and Sylvanian Hello Kitty Papa arranged them to attend a school class
in the Hello Kitty School.
Little twin starts Then they visited the land mark of the Hello Kitty Land
- The Little Twin Stars home sweet home.
Hello Kitty home Followed by a typical Hello Kitty Family's home.

Hello Kitty super market At the end of the trip, Hello Kitty Papa took them to the Hello Kitty Supper Market
to experience more Hello Kitty culture .

Sylvanian good byeIt's sad to say goodbye, but the time had come.
The Sylvanian Childnre said goodbye to everyone in the Hello Kitty Land
and promised they will visit them again very soon.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Excursion

sylvanian school The teacher announced in class that they will go to to an excursion soon.
They will travel to another village and stay overnight.

Sylvanian supermarketSince it's the first time for the children to leave
the Sylvanian Village and stay outside. Some of the parents were a bit over-reacted.

light house sylvanian On the other hand, the children were anticipating for
their first trip without their parents.

village view sylvanian They all gathered together in the countries bus stop, waiting for the village bus.

sylvanian bus The children were thinking about different things
on their way to the foreign place.
Guess where they were going and what had happened to them...

~Story to be continued in Hello Kitty Land~

Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy Sylvanian Village

Sylvanian villageThis is our busy Sylvanian Village. Mrs Rabbit is having a high Tea; Strip Cat Father is rushing to get on the bus; Pizza Cat is getting his hot and delious pizza out of his delivery bike. Who else could you see from this picture?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY Fairy Floss /Cotton Candy for Sylvanian

Tool: Scissors, PVC Glue
Materials: Coloured cotton ball, Wooden Skewer
Method: Cut the skewer into appro. 2.2 cm length,
apply small amount of PVC glue,
stick it to the middle of the cotton ball, hold till firm.
Your Sylvanian will enjoy this easy made Fairy Floss!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food again!

Story continued from - The most beautiful bride-to-be
Sylvanian families home The wedding day of Snow White Rabbit (Mrs Rabbit's cousin) finally came.
The Cat family hurried in their lunch to make to the wedding on time.

Sylvanian families kitchen Suddenly, Sheepie & Sheep Sister rang on their door bell.

Sylvanian families church They stopped their lunch and rushed off to the church as quickly as possible.

Sylvanian families camera At least, they made to the group photo with Mr. & Mrs Snow White Rabbit
Can you find them in the photo?

Sylvanian families village After the ceremony and the group photos,
the new couple walked through the Sylvanian Villlage
with their guesses to the reception area.
Sylvanian families wedding reception As traditionaly sat, the couple did their wedding speech
just before the reception start.
Most women began to cry as the speech was
the most tounching moment in a wedding.

Sylvanian families wedding buffetAs one could imagine, the babies didn't know what was going on,
all that they care was the good food in front of them.

Sylvanian families storyThe wedding went perfectly well. Everyone had a really good time.
The Cat family walked home after the wedding reception finished.

Sylvanian families dining tableAs soon as they stepped in their house,
they realized that there were food again in their dining table.
It was the omelet that they left behind from lunch.
But everyone got their stomach very full from the wedding reception.
Who could help them with the omelet?

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Shoe Box

Sylvanian families sheep family One day, Mother Sheepie took Sister Sheepie & Sheepie to the market.
Sylvanian families dress shop
Sylvanian families baby sheep
Sylvanian families grocery shop Mother Sheepie told Father Sheepie about the shoes...
Sylvanian families night view Father Sheepie quietly looked outside the dress shop at night.
Sylvanian families shoes shop He also looked in Mama Judy Sewing shop.
Sylvanian families post box He took a shoe box from Mama Judy sewing shop.
cake shop Sylvanian families Mother Sheepie went to the cake shop to look for a birthday cake.
Sylvanian families bamble cottage
Sylvanian families Japanese room set The party was ready. All Sister Sheepie's best friends were there.
Sylvanian families birthday Sister Sheepie opened the shoe box,
she couldn't see any shoes inside the box,
but she found a money box instead.

Sylvanian families story Sister Sheepie hugged and kissed her Dad
for the wonderful birthday party she received this year.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Best Dream

Sylvanian families collection
Sylvanian families castle Baby Cat is dreaming of a new castle playground
in the Sylvanian village.

Sylvanian families cat There will be lots of different challenging exercises
in the castle playground

Sylvanian families merry go roundThe first ever merry go round in the Sylvanian Village.

Sylvanian families playground Baby Cat will try every challenge. He will
show his friends how to get through them.
Sylvanian families ice-cream shop He is also dreaming his mum to own an ice-cream cart.
Sylvanian families ice-creamSo he and his friends can have endless supply of ice-cream.
Will his dreams come true?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sylvanian Village Grocery Store

Sylvanian families grocery This is Mr Sheepie Grocery Store.
All products are Sylvanian Families owned (except the glass jar).
Sylvanian families coffee & teaThe store offers a wide selection of grocery products like
cookies, biscuits, lollies, juices,
shop Sylvanian familiescookware,
Sylvanian families tablewareflour, bread, cutleries, other tablewares,
Sylvanian families daily needshoney, cream, jams, cheese, butter and many more.
Mr Sheepie is committed to make your grocery
shopping experiecne as easy as possible.
Visit him today at the Sylvanian Village Main Street,
opposite to the Bramble Department store.