Friday, April 02, 2010

The Shoe Box

Sylvanian families sheep family One day, Mother Sheepie took Sister Sheepie & Sheepie to the market.
Sylvanian families dress shop
Sylvanian families baby sheep
Sylvanian families grocery shop Mother Sheepie told Father Sheepie about the shoes...
Sylvanian families night view Father Sheepie quietly looked outside the dress shop at night.
Sylvanian families shoes shop He also looked in Mama Judy Sewing shop.
Sylvanian families post box He took a shoe box from Mama Judy sewing shop.
cake shop Sylvanian families Mother Sheepie went to the cake shop to look for a birthday cake.
Sylvanian families bamble cottage
Sylvanian families Japanese room set The party was ready. All Sister Sheepie's best friends were there.
Sylvanian families birthday Sister Sheepie opened the shoe box,
she couldn't see any shoes inside the box,
but she found a money box instead.

Sylvanian families story Sister Sheepie hugged and kissed her Dad
for the wonderful birthday party she received this year.


Anonymous said...

I love this story! (I think we got to see it way ahead of time though, heehee.) It's simply heartwarming. Happy birthday, sister Sheepie!

Sandra said...

Oh I got so many memories from your blog. As a kid me and my sister had some of this toys, I think they're really great and quite educational. This story is so cute, I also had a Sheepie!

iceklicky said...

"Thanks Kittymama!" said sister Sheepie. :-D

Hi Sandra,
Yeh, I think the Sylvanian are great educational toy. I wish I could start collecting Sylvanian from Childhood too... :D

Joanna said...

Hi Iceklicky
I really enjoy reading your stories! I admire your patience in setting up all these and take pictures, I will never have the patience to do that.
You are the best Director of SF stories!
May I ask you how do you set up your sceneries? do you set them up each them and then pack them back? or do you have a permanent display? how big is it?
Just very curious...


iceklicky said...

Hi Joanna,
Thanks for letting me know that you found these Sylvanian stories enjoyable. It's very encouraging for me everytime when I receive a comment in this blog. :-)
I used to have a permanent display set up at the time when I first started this blog, as my Sylvanian collection grow bigger, I couldn't handle a permanent display anymore.
So now I have them partially on display. :P

Mo said...

Oh my gosh, I just found your blog, and I'm in HEAVEN! Keep up the cuteness. :)

Leanne said...

wonerful you publish books of your stories? They are well done

iceklicky said...

Hi Mo & Leanne,
Thanks for your comments:).
It would be a dream to publish these stories on a book :D.

April said...

All your posts are so cute!!
how do you stop everything from falling over, with mine it's so annoying??

iceklicky said...

Thanks April.
I found it annoying too when they fall, so I use bluetack to position some of the small object. :-D

Lucy said...

I love your this blog and as a heavy collector myself I would like to know how long it takes you to do these? I have my own site.
Please visit it at:


iceklicky said...

Hi Lucy,
Thank you for sharing your site with us too!Looks like you have a huge collections!!!! Some of the sylvanian stories only took me a few hours, some of them took me days & days.:)

cheap bus hire said...

Hahahah! Cool story. I love it and nice photos :)

iceklicky said...

Hi cheap bus hire,
Thanks for your comment! :-D

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Anonymous said...

hey your stories are great! and i adore your dispays! its actually like a little sylvanian village! :)
I used to do displays of mine with little sceneries but they were nowhere near as good as yours!!
i also love the way the camera has been positioned so you can't see anything in the background other than the little village you've done, makes it seem more realistic and like its own little world...keep up the good work! :D

iceklicky said...

Hi Harry,
I am glad that you like my stories.
I really enjoy making them.
I also enjoy seeing other people's display too as everyone has their own unique style. Hope I can see yours too! :-D

Anonymous said...

yeah...sadly mine are boxed up now, as i stopped collecting quite a while ago, but then i found them the other week and reminded me of how much i loved them :D i would like to start collecting again but i dont know...i found your blog though and its really inspirational!! it reminds me of how much i used to love setting them up like a little village, there amazing :)
i really enjoy your blog, are you making another story any time soon?

Gizela said...

wow, the sheep doll was really cute :) and you made the story so lovely :)
i just love it!

vicki said...

long time no come to c your story... lovely too.

iceklicky said...

Hi Harry,
I have a few stories started up, just need to finalize them, hopefully can post them this weekend or next weekend :)
Hi Vicki,
Long time no see!! Miss you!
Hi Gizela,
Thanks for letting me know that you like the story!:)

Lucy said...

Thanks for visiting my website! How do you get so many views? I really like to ask questions (Sorry!).

moshioz said...

Great Story!! So encouraging! Always love your story so much!!

Keep it up!!! =)

iceklicky said...

Thanks moshioz! Your comment is encouraging to me too!!

Sylvanian said...

Hi iceklikcy, great website and it looks like you love your sylvanian families! How often do you post new stories?

kel said...

what a great blog - i remember playing with sylvanian families when i was a child. do you make the clothes and furniture yourself?

iceklicky said...

Hi Kel, Sylvanian & Lucy,
Nice to meet you!
I enjoy a lot in making clothes & funiture for my Sylvanian.However, only a small number of clothes & funitures are hand made by me (as they take too long to make). 99.99% of the items shown in my collection are Sylvanian Families originated.:)
I am trying my best to put up new post as often as I could. As I get less busy in the coming months,I am aiming to put up a new post every two weeks.:)
Hi Lucy,
Haha, it's ok to ask question. Your site will gradually gets more view as time goes.The key is "Don't give up". :P

SylvanianFAN said...

Hi Iceklicky! Just wondering where you edit your photos with the speech bubbles? :) Thanks
- Sharni

shoe shop said...

I like this blog really awesome
like that shoes

iceklicky said...

Hi SylvanianFan,
I used Photoshop :D

SylvanianFAN said...

Ohhhh Alright, Thanks! But Does The Writing Come Out Big Enough So That You Can See It Alright And Clearly?

iceklicky said...

Hi Sharni,
I could see the pictures now! You are very creative with great great ideas!!!!

SylvanianFAN said...

Hi Iceklicky,
Thank You So Much! I Really Appreciate Your Kind Words And Comments! :D

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