Friday, March 26, 2010

The Best Dream

Sylvanian families collection
Sylvanian families castle Baby Cat is dreaming of a new castle playground
in the Sylvanian village.

Sylvanian families cat There will be lots of different challenging exercises
in the castle playground

Sylvanian families merry go roundThe first ever merry go round in the Sylvanian Village.

Sylvanian families playground Baby Cat will try every challenge. He will
show his friends how to get through them.
Sylvanian families ice-cream shop He is also dreaming his mum to own an ice-cream cart.
Sylvanian families ice-creamSo he and his friends can have endless supply of ice-cream.
Will his dreams come true?


Anonymous said...

Tha babies are sooo cute and they really look like they're having fun. :-) Ice cream and merry-go-round in a playground make for perfect summer playtimes!

iceklicky said...

Hi kittymama, haha my sylvanian are always in I don't have any winter coat for them, hehe

Gizela said...

awesome! did you build those things by yourself?

iceklicky said...

Hi Gizela,
Yes, I built these things myself. The castle built from a baby toy.

Gizela said...

I think those are perfect and so cute. I just knew your Sylvanian blog few days ago. How long have you been doing this?

iceklicky said...

Hi Gizela,
I have been making them since 2006 :)

Gizela said...

Hi iceklicky, wow great!