Sunday, April 19, 2009

School Lunch 2

sylvanian bakery
At the Sylvanian Families Bakery Shop

sylvanian st john's schoolSylvanian watermills bakery

sylvanian strip cat families
sylvanian families kitchen
sylvanian families cook
sylvanian families sence
sylvanian families playground At School the students are waiting for the fresh bread to come.
sylvanian families bicycle
Terry took Father Fox to the Pizza shop.
sylvanian families pizza deliverysylvanian families village
sylvanian families pizza lunch

Saturday, April 18, 2009

School Lunch 1

sylvanian families village school
A school lunch program had just been launched in the

St John's School of the Sylvanian Villiage.

That means the children doesn't need to bring their own lunch to school anymore. sylvanian families school viewOn the first day when the program started,

PC Bobby Robert and Terry carried the lunch to the

St John's School.

sylvanian families classroom The students were taking turns to serve the lunch.
sylvanian families school lunch setschool lunch sets
sylvanian families washing dishesTheir duty also included washing the dishes.

sylvanian families partners

sylvanian families children

Story continued on ~ School Lunch 2~

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Baby Queen - part 2

~Story continued from "Baby Queen Part 1"~
At 3:30pm, the boys brought Baby Nikki with them and left the house.
They met Mama Judy on the way to the play ground.
Mama Judy stopped them and played with Baby Nikki for a little while.

At 3:40 , they met Terry on the way to the play ground. Terry stopped them and played with Baby Nikki for a little while.

At 3:50 they arrived to the play ground,
the met Mother Rabbit and Mother Sheep. Mother Rabbi and Mother Sheep stopped them and played with Baby Nikki for a little while.At 4pm, they stepped on the grass of the play ground.
But the game finished, all the kids left and went home.