Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Land

Sylvanian Inn After a long journey, the children spent their evening in a small Japanese Inn before heading to their destiny - The Hello Kitty Land.
Sylvania families The Children enjoyed the freedom to turn the room upside down.
Hello Kitty bus The following day morning,
they took turn to get on the Hello Kitty Bus to enter the Hello Kitty land.

Hello Kitty school They first greeted Hello Kitty Papa, who is a kind and friendly person. Hello Kitty Papa is looking after everything in the Hello Kitty Land, like the Sylvanian village chief.

Hello Kitty and Sylvanian Hello Kitty Papa arranged them to attend a school class
in the Hello Kitty School.
Little twin starts Then they visited the land mark of the Hello Kitty Land
- The Little Twin Stars home sweet home.
Hello Kitty home Followed by a typical Hello Kitty Family's home.

Hello Kitty super market At the end of the trip, Hello Kitty Papa took them to the Hello Kitty Supper Market
to experience more Hello Kitty culture .

Sylvanian good byeIt's sad to say goodbye, but the time had come.
The Sylvanian Childnre said goodbye to everyone in the Hello Kitty Land
and promised they will visit them again very soon.