Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food again!

Story continued from - The most beautiful bride-to-be
Sylvanian families home The wedding day of Snow White Rabbit (Mrs Rabbit's cousin) finally came.
The Cat family hurried in their lunch to make to the wedding on time.

Sylvanian families kitchen Suddenly, Sheepie & Sheep Sister rang on their door bell.

Sylvanian families church They stopped their lunch and rushed off to the church as quickly as possible.

Sylvanian families camera At least, they made to the group photo with Mr. & Mrs Snow White Rabbit
Can you find them in the photo?

Sylvanian families village After the ceremony and the group photos,
the new couple walked through the Sylvanian Villlage
with their guesses to the reception area.
Sylvanian families wedding reception As traditionaly sat, the couple did their wedding speech
just before the reception start.
Most women began to cry as the speech was
the most tounching moment in a wedding.

Sylvanian families wedding buffetAs one could imagine, the babies didn't know what was going on,
all that they care was the good food in front of them.

Sylvanian families storyThe wedding went perfectly well. Everyone had a really good time.
The Cat family walked home after the wedding reception finished.

Sylvanian families dining tableAs soon as they stepped in their house,
they realized that there were food again in their dining table.
It was the omelet that they left behind from lunch.
But everyone got their stomach very full from the wedding reception.
Who could help them with the omelet?