Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food again!

Story continued from - The most beautiful bride-to-be
Sylvanian families home The wedding day of Snow White Rabbit (Mrs Rabbit's cousin) finally came.
The Cat family hurried in their lunch to make to the wedding on time.

Sylvanian families kitchen Suddenly, Sheepie & Sheep Sister rang on their door bell.

Sylvanian families church They stopped their lunch and rushed off to the church as quickly as possible.

Sylvanian families camera At least, they made to the group photo with Mr. & Mrs Snow White Rabbit
Can you find them in the photo?

Sylvanian families village After the ceremony and the group photos,
the new couple walked through the Sylvanian Villlage
with their guesses to the reception area.
Sylvanian families wedding reception As traditionaly sat, the couple did their wedding speech
just before the reception start.
Most women began to cry as the speech was
the most tounching moment in a wedding.

Sylvanian families wedding buffetAs one could imagine, the babies didn't know what was going on,
all that they care was the good food in front of them.

Sylvanian families storyThe wedding went perfectly well. Everyone had a really good time.
The Cat family walked home after the wedding reception finished.

Sylvanian families dining tableAs soon as they stepped in their house,
they realized that there were food again in their dining table.
It was the omelet that they left behind from lunch.
But everyone got their stomach very full from the wedding reception.
Who could help them with the omelet?


fyon said...

They can keep it for dinner or share with others! haha. Nice reading your blog! :)

Lucy/Pollpolly said...

Once again you have produced a FANTASTIC story! I hope the Snow Bunnies had a good wedding!

iceklicky said...

Hi Fyon & Lucy,
Thanks for your comments. Yeh, I think they should save it for dinner too. :)

BugzySUPERhappy said...

I love reading your stories :) looks like everyone had a great time at the wedding!

iceklicky said...

Hi BugzySUPERhappy,
Yeh, everyone had a great time.
I enjoy reading your blog too!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

KITkritters said...

That's a great story! Hope my wedding next month will be as perfect as the snow bunnies. Had a great time reading your very timely blog. =D

iceklicky said...

Hi KITkriters,
Congratulation!! Wish you to have a perfect wedding, and enjoy to married life!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi iceklicky,

唔好意思啊~好耐冇上黎, iceklicky的森林故事越黎越精彩啦﹗故事好吸引。我真为你感到骄傲!加油啊﹗(^^*)~


iceklicky said...

Hi Kiki,
Nice to meet you again :)
Thank for your comment!! Looking forward to your SF work too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iceklicky,
Your blog is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I was wondering if you could please tell me what house mama judy's shop is in. I was also wandering where you got your sylvanians from and if you knew of any where that sold the general hospital?
I am amazed by how detailed and well set up all your sets are set up. I moved my sylvanians to our up stair spare room last night and spent over an hour setting them up, and they're still not perfect!
Keep blogging!

iceklicky said...

The house I used for mama Judy's shop is the House on the green hill. :) If you are looking for the general hospital, the best place to try is the UK online shop.
I really would love to see your collection too! :) Please show us some of your collection when you get a chance!!! Nice to meet you.

Joh-joh said...

Hello iceklicky,
You are so lucky to have that! My sylvanian collection is small.
The buildings I have are:
Village store
Rose cottage
Applewood cottage
Water mill bakery
Willow hall
Willow hall conservatory
but I am hoping to buy the field view mill sometime soon.

Do the UK store ship to overseas (I am from Australia)?
Thanks for your help!

熊太太 said...

Hi.i am sylvanian families fanatic too.
my blog is

welcome to my blog.
it have mamy sylvanian families phots.

iceklicky said...

Hi Joh-joh,
I am from Australia too! I am in Sydney. Which state are you in?
You have a huge collection too! I also love the field view mill , but don't think I can get it any time soon.
Yes, the UK shop ship to Australia, their postage is very fast, they have almost full range of SF, except their prices are less competitive than other shops. Hi 熊太太,
I think I have been to your site before,I really the display of your SF shops, specially the buffet shop :)

Joh-joh said...

Hi iceklicky,
I am from Sydney too. Oh there are a couple of good shops in Sydney for Sylvanians. Toy and Tales and Uncle Petes Toy Shop. A good UK site is also but I don't know if they ship to Australia.
I am getting the Grand Hotel which is exciting and I am dying to set it up!But I have run out of room and I have a whole room dedicated to my Sylvanians. I spent hours this morning setting them up and then I stupidly knocked them all over when I stood up! Oops!
Love your blog.

iceklicky said...

Hi Joh-joh,
Great to know that you are in Sydney too!! Where about is Toy and Tales and Uncle Peter Toy Shop? I would like to have a look in there too as I hardly ever found SF in the local toy shop.
haha, I knock them down too sometime, and that's why I am using blu-tack now to keep the very small item in place. Hope to see you Sylvanian photo soon! :D

Joh-joh said...

Hi iceklicky,
Toys and Tales is in St Ives and Uncle Petes Toy Shop is in Warringah Mall. But if you go onto (which is the Australian site) it has a list of all the shops you can buy them from in Australia. There are a lot in Sydney.
Hope this helps.

iceklicky said...

Hi Joh-joh,
Great to know, thanks!!!

Amy said...

Very interesting story!

iceklicky said...

Thanks Amy!

Anonymous said...
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Nancy Smith said...

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