Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sylvanian Village Grocery Store

Sylvanian families grocery This is Mr Sheepie Grocery Store.
All products are Sylvanian Families owned (except the glass jar).
Sylvanian families coffee & teaThe store offers a wide selection of grocery products like
cookies, biscuits, lollies, juices,
shop Sylvanian familiescookware,
Sylvanian families tablewareflour, bread, cutleries, other tablewares,
Sylvanian families daily needshoney, cream, jams, cheese, butter and many more.
Mr Sheepie is committed to make your grocery
shopping experiecne as easy as possible.
Visit him today at the Sylvanian Village Main Street,
opposite to the Bramble Department store.


Kittymama said...

I love Mr. Sheepie's Grocery Store! If that were in my neighborhood, I'd go broke, heehee.

iceklicky said...

haha Kittymama,
Don't worry, Mr Sheepie will give you special discount in his shop.

iceklicky :D

moodswings said...

Wow! I have never seen so many grocery items!!! I like how you arrange them! It's so neat!

iceklicky said...

Hi moodswings,
haha, I really enjoy arranging the grocery items. :-D

KITkritters said...

I like how you transformed the village bakery into a cozy grocery packed with items from different SF sets. Cool!

iceklicky said...

Hi KITkritters,
That's what I enjoy the most in Sylvanian Families.
My target is to make a supermarket so the Sylvanian Mum has somewhere to spend the whole day in, but for now, it could only be called a Gorcery store. :-)
BTW ,I enjoy reading your blog too!!!

KITkritters said...

Thanks! It took me a month to finish that simple story, that's why i really admire your patience in making your SF stories.

iceklicky said...

hehe, thanks KITKritters!

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful set up ! adore it

Anonymous said...


You are amazing! I'm not sure but, is this an actually grocery store from SF? Or, did you get different sets? If you can buy it, i would love it!!!!