Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sceret Soup Returns

Story continued from ~ Mama Judy's Soup lesson ~
シルバニアファミリー This year Sylvanian Soup Festival was held outside the Sylvanian Fancy Restaurant.
Each families were to prepare their own soup this year.

シルバニアファミリー世界 All ingredients were sponsored by the Hedgehog family vegetable garden.
Sylvanian families village While all families were busy in prepareing their soup,

three little boys were thinking about something else.

Sylvanian families stories

They quietly went in the Watermill Bakery Shop when nobody noticed.

Sylvanian families collectors

They took out whatever ingredients available in the bakery and

started to make their own soup.

They followed the notes that Mama Judy taught them during their soup lessons.

Sylvanian families shops

Hedgehog baby didn't know that Mama Judy had already

noticed about their action.

sylvanian families babies
sylvanian families pictures
Photos sylvanian families
Sylvanian family
Sylvanian families bakery shop
Sylvanian families watermill bakery

Sylvanian families fox brother
Sylvanian families old bakery shop

They left the soup on a trolley hoping that someone would taste their soup.

Since they were not allowed to enter the competition on their own.

Sylvanian families park

Sylvanian families toy
Sylvanian families blog

With Mama Judy and Fox brother's help, the boys won the best soup prize again.


KITkritters said...

Hahaha... it's so much fun reading your picture blogs. I wonder how long it took you to set-up all those houses, furnitures and figures! I've tried it with the village hospital and it took me 1 whole day to set-up and a week to box them again.

Cute kids!

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to your uopdates! I've read every one of your posts since the beginning more than once! :-)

Thank you for the great stories and the wonderful set-ups; best of all, thank you for inspiring me to create something more from my Sylvanian Families!


iceklicky said...

Hi KITkritters,
hehe, it took me about the same time as you... whole afternoon to set up, they are still left on my desk now ...... hopefully I can find time to re-pack them soon, as they are blocking my way now and I have to work on the floor now.

Hi Kittymama,
Thanks for letting me know! It's a great encouragement from you! I enjoy reading your blog too!!!!!

KITkritters said...

Haha, I also walked sideways in my room now because my SFs are scattered everywhere! Inspired by your cool works, I have posted some in my blogspot account. Hope you can check them out! Till then...

iceklicky said...

Hi KITkritters,
Haha, I have just been to your blog. The photos are great!!! Waiting to see more of your work!
BTW, I left a message in your blog too :-D.

Nathalie said...

Cute blog!
What do you use for grass?

iceklicky said...

Hi Nathalie,
I use grass mat found in model shop. :D

Joh-joh said...

Hi Iceklicky,
I love your blog!
I have just started collecting sylvanians. I don't have many because I am from Australia. I only have
Applewood Cottage, Rose Cottage, General Store, Willow Hall, Willow Hall Conservatory, Village Sweet Shop, Ice-cream Stall, Rowing Boat, Telephone Box, Water Mill Bakery and some more and lots of families.
I got most of them from my cousin in England. I really love Sylvanians! They are so cute and adorable! Your blog is amazing! How long does it take you to make a story? Your pictures are beautiful! Well have a great day!

iceklicky said...

Hi Joh-joh,
Thank you for loving my blog. I am from Sydney, Australia too, which state are you from?
You are so lucky to have your cousin to supply you the Sylvanian Families.I usually get mine from oversea. Looks like you have a great collection ! Hope I can see the photos of your Sylvanian families too!!!!!
The story will take me from as short as an hour to a few days, depending on the ideas... but afterall I really enjoy making & sharing them with other collectors.
Hope to hear from you soon.:D

Joh-joh said...

Hi Iceklicky,
I am from Sydney too! Some really good websites to get sylvanians from are and !
Well my cousin moved over here from England but she bought over all her sylvanians and gave them to me and we spend hours setting them up together! I really love Sylvanians! I told all my friends about them and now they are all obsessed with them!
I think I might try and make my own little story some time. It sounds like a lot of fun! Well keep blogging and I am going to make your little Sylvanian wool balls from your blog! I think you are really cleaver and talented! Are you a professional photography or something? Hehe! I don't think I could take proper photos of my Sylvanians because I would probably knock them all down. Hehe!
Can't wait to read your next story!

iceklicky said...

HI Joh joh,
I am just over excited to hear that you are from Sydney too!!! :P
As I have been lonely collecting Sylvanian in Sydney for too long.
Thanks for sending me the sites. Have you bought Sylvanian from both sites before?
It's very good to hear that your cousin could help you to set up your Sylvanian...really interested to see your collections, please post some of your collections/story in your blog when it's ready.:)
Haha,some time I will use blutack to position the tiny accessoires in place so I won't knock them down... of course I am not a professional photography. LOL

SylvanianFAN said...

Greaat Story!! Keep up the great work :) I look forward to seeing any fututre stories you make if you do so :) Well until another time, :)

- Sharni

iceklicky said...

Hi SylvanianFan,
Thanks! New story still in progress.... hehe