Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Special Gift

Baby Cat decided to make a cake for his mother as a birthday gift.
But he didn't know how to make it. Where could he get help from?
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妙燕 said...

iceklicky, this is real excellent!
i was trying to write some stories for children, using my sylvanians pictures, but u did it 1st.
u did a magic too!
mind to have a chinese version story for this?

Kiki said...

iceklicky, you did a GREAT JOB!! 影得好靚好有心機﹐故事都好得意~我鐘意ar!~Thanks(^^*)/

iceklicky said...

Hi 妙燕 & Kiki,
Thanks for your comment. I am trying to work on a Chinese version too. Will post it out when it's completed. hehe :)

MY said...

can't wait for it.. hehe.
btw, forgot to tell u, i love your baby chef hat, soooooooo cute!
is it original adult hat or u made it?

iceklicky said...

Hi MY,
The chef hat is a original adult hat. This one is from the School lunch set. hehe !

my said...