Sunday, February 03, 2008

Welcome to the Sylvanian Families Village

Sylvanian Families Story - wolf families arrived.
Sylvanian Families Story - moving furniture.
Sylvanian Families Story - Clean up new house.
Sylvanian Families Story - wolf's new bakery store.
Sylvanian Families Story - New revolutionary bakery machine
Sylvanian Families Story - getting grocery from Mother Sheepie.
Sylvanian Families Story - wolf families arrived.
Sylvanian Families Story - big welcome from all Sylvanian.


EACritter said...

Hello, someone posted your blog on our message board for SF collectors ( and I hope you will come and visit us. We are from all around the world (US, UK, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Denmark, etc) and of all ages. I really like your stories. Could I post your site on my website? (

iceklicky said...

Hi eacritter,
You are most welcome to post my blog on your website.
I am just reading your webpage too! It's a great Sylvanian site!
Nice to meet you!

Eacriter (Erika) said...

Awesome. I see you are from Australia, is it easy for you to get Sylvanians down there? Thanks for the compliment on my site, its a work in progress, I hope to get collection pictures up someday but between work and 3 children at home, its a slow process.

iceklicky said...

Hi eacriter,
It's very hard to buy Sylvanian in Australia. We could only get them online.
Hoping to see your collection picture soon! I am sure your children will enjoy to see them too! =)

vicki said...

welcome wolf families!!!
icelicky, I buy the glasslands already, if u have time welcome u come to my blog to see it. :D

Kiki said...

WoW!~iceklicky...Soooo Lovely your new story!! I love it so much!!~^^*

By the way!~Happy Lunar New Year! I sincerely wish you happiness, Good health, good luck, Cheerfulness and success. (^-^)/

iceklicky said...

Hi Vicki,
I just went to your site, the market were great!!!!!!!!! I was trying to leave a msg there , but somehow it didn't post out, did you see my message?

Hi Kiki,
Happy Lunar New Year to you too!Wish you everything bright for the coming year too! =)

pollpolly said...

hi your site is really cool

Carlie said...

is the grocery store i real store you bought, or did you take a building and put food in it. i am a big collecter and have never seen that building.

iceklicky said...

Hi Carlie,
The Gorcery store is just the old bakery. Yes, i have added some other food in it to make it more like a grocery store.
Nice to meet you, really want to see your collection too!!!