Saturday, February 28, 2009

A New Chapter ~story continued from "The Bush Fire"

Mr. & Mrs Hedgehog feel very thankful for the help and support from everyone in the Village. They finally show their smiling face again and ready to move to their new chapeter!

~Coming up next "The Opening Of the New Fancy Restaurant"~


vicki said...

that really is a great house for live and restaurant!

Lin said...

Great story!! I wanna buy the restaurant house.. :) lolz

Anonymous said...

iceklicky 買左Fancy Restaurant 啦!~有咁多村民支持, 我相信Hedgehog間餐廳一定會好成功jet~ 期待啦!~(^^*)


iceklicky said...

Hi vicki & Lin,
Yeah, I like the Fancy Restaurant very much. It's one of my favourite!
Hi Kiki,
I only got it a few weeks ago. Looking forward to the new fashion shop to sit next to it! =D