Friday, March 06, 2009

The New Fancy Restaurant

The Sylvanian Village Newspaper finally released the good news about the new restaurant in town.
Village Chief and PC Bobby Robert helped to set up some extra tables and chairs in the restaurant.
Hedgehog Father and Hedgehog Mother gratefully spent the whole morning to prepare a meal for everyone in the village.
To thank them for being supportive during the hard time.
Everyone in the Sylvanian Village enjoyed the lunch in the new fancy restaurant.
* * *
Next post: The Sylvanian Babies will show us the newly renovated House of Bramble's Department Store & Bramble Cafe with the New Cake Stall


Welles said...

Cute and interesting blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi good storwy

iceklicky said...

Thank you for your comment! Please come again. =D

Anonymous said...

I love your new story very much! Great job! iceklicky!! ^^


CrystalC. said...

I hope the hedgehog family wore hair nets :3

iceklicky said...

Haha CrystalC,
I think you are right, this is a real issue for the hedgehog famly to work in the food industry.

SylvanianFAN said...

Did you make the newspaper?

iceklicky said...

The news paper came from the SF living room set :D

SylvanianFAN said...

ohhh ok thanks :D

MadameC said...

I'm so happy to find your blog. I love Sylvanians too specially the Hedgehogs. I have my own blog and I made my Hedgehogs a fashion designer with a clothing and shoe shop business.

I love your Sylvanian items. You have pieces and characters I love, like the old stove of Mama Judy, the Calico Cat, the policeman and mailman, and of course you have the baby hedgehog which I still don't have. I love looking at photos of your collection. Great job!

iceklicky said...

Hi MadameC,
Thank you for your kind words.
I have also just went to your blog, your SF fashion is amazing!!! You are a real SF fashion designer! Where are you located?