Saturday, March 21, 2009

Craft - DIY Wool Ball

sylvanian families diy wool ball
Wool Balls of your favourite colours
sylvanian families craft wool ballCut a 15 cm long yarn, make a few loops on your fingertipRemove the yarn
from your fingertip
Cut a small strip of sticker
(it could be the edge of any unused sticker piece)
Use the sticker to bundle up
the mini wool ball
Collect several wool balls
in different colours
They are ready in your
Sylvanian Sewing Shop for sale!


Kiki said...

iceklicky ﹐好有用既教學啊~我都有D unused sticker﹐真係好! 等我都試下先﹗Heehe!~^^ Thanks!^^

iceklicky said...

Hi Kiki,
yeah,大家齊齊整啦! :)

Winnie said...

Oh, this must be my favourite item in the whole Sylvanian Village. I am got more yarn if you want to make more woolly balls.