Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eight easy steps to make a home vegetable garden

Step 1: Wake up early, as productive farmers wake up before the sun raise
Step 2: Prepare the soil

Like this one!!

Step 3: Plant, fertilize, water
Step 4: Firm the soilStep 5: Wait and wait.....thinking will they grow?
Step 6: Get excited to see your first plants grow
Like this one!!
Step 7: When the vegetables come up, tell your friends and neighbours about itLike this one!!
Step 8: Share the harvest with them


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing collection! Thank you for sharing them with us through your wonderful stories. As a new collector, your blog inspires me to create something wonderful for my Sylvanian families. I hope you will add more stories soon. Thank you again and blessings!

iceklicky said...

hi Okasaneko,
Thank you for your comment!
Your encouragment really inspires me.
I would love to see your creation/collection too! :-)
I am still working on the new story about the new SF dress shop, will post up soon :-D