Sunday, October 04, 2009

A mystery letter

sylvanian families street
sylvanian families village
 sylvanian families ivory rabbit Mrs Rabbit didn't want to tell the children too much
until everything is confirmed.

sylvanian families green house on hillAt Mama Judy's place

sylvanian families department store At the Sylvanian department store

sylvanian families new dressAt the Sylvanian dress shop

sylvanian families babies
sylvanian families park The children gathered together at the village park
trying to work out what Mrs Rabbit is doing.
They had some silly thoughts about Mrs Rabbit.
top floor of green house in hill sylvanian families The twins decided to tell their older sister & brother.

sewing machine sylvanian families They went to see Mama Judy to find out the answer.
Mama Judy also told them that her cousin will arrive tomorrow.

sylvanian families bus stop The next day, Mrs Rabbit told the children the wedding plan
and went to the bus stop to welcome her cousin.
sylvanian families wedding dressThey brought her to the dress shop to choose her gown.
Everyone is having their own thought in the dress shop.

sylvanian families bramble cafe They ordered the wedding cake from Waiter Mouse
at the Sylvanian Bramble Cafe.

sylvanian families fancy restaurant They pre-arranged the wedding banquet
at the Sylvanian Fancy restaurant.

sylvanian families beauty shop They also gave the bride an intensive facial treatment.

~ story to be continued in < The most beautiful bride-to-be> ~

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Pollpolly said...

This story is great!!

iceklicky said...

Thanks Pollpolly! :-)

Lin said...

Hi Iceklicky,

Love your story & display so much!

You have done great!



iceklicky said...

Hi Lin,
Thanks! Nice to meet you! :-)

Anonymous said...

hi iceklicky, love this story... hahahah!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi iceklicky,
where do you get your dolls clothes?thanks!


iceklicky said...

Hi harriet,
My dolls clothes are bought from SF. Mostly come with the doll. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi iceclicky,
im just new with this blogging suff. because i was just looking for tsomeone to share and talk to with regards to my SF.may i ask how will i be able to join this blog site and how will i be able to share my SF too? thanks a lot and merry christmas!

iceklicky said...

You can join blogger to create your own blog by registering in this link:
Just click the create a blog icon and follow the step.
Then you can start sharing your SF picture with other collectors!
Feel free to let me know if you need any further information. :D

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures, they look so dynamic and expresive, you have a lot of sylvanian families stuff, lucky you!