Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sylvanian Sugar Hit

Can't wait to share the new dessert buffet in the Sylvanian Fency Restaurant.
It's the Sylvanian Sugar Hit!

sylvanian families sweet buffet Cakes and piessylvanian families cakesFruit and tarts

sylvanian families drinks Champagne & icy drinks
sylvanian families ice-creamice-cream sundays
sylvanian families chocolate fountain Finally CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Iceklicky,

I wanna tell you I really like your photo shoot cum the blog. It’s pretty cool and yet absolutely stunning! Keep it up…


iceklicky said...

Hi Jean,
Nice to meet you! Thanks for letting me know that you like my blog :-D


Yoi said...


I'm a new Sylvanian's collector from Spain. Here Sylvanian families are not sold and nobody understand a 29 years old girl buying "toys" hehe, but I don't care,I just love them!and I love your web too, it's beautiful :)


iceklicky said...

Hi Yoi,
It's nice to know you from Spain. I totally understand your situation, as Sylvanian Families are generally not sold in Australia too and nobody understand why I am so desperate for it...hehehe
Please share your Sylvanin Families photos with us too when you have time.

Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiments guys. I’m also a 27 year old collector from Philippines, and spent so much on Sylvanian Families. This site is truly one of a kind and how I wish I have the time to empty all my sylvanian boxes and make one of these picture blogs. Keep it up iceklicky!


iceklicky said...

Hi Kit
Thanks for your encouragement! I do hope that you will find time to empty your SF boxes and join us to create your own SF blog! :-D

Anonymous said...

hiiceklicky and hi kit. im also from the philippines, and i also collect SF since my college days, and fortunately i have 2 daughters who also love sylvanian i have a reason to buy and collect more...heheheh. its just that i dont have a good camera to take a shot on my collection.i hope i could share it with you guys. btw, where would i be able to buy that green grass flooring that you have? =)

kudos to this blog...


Anonymous said...

cont...sometimes i feel embarassed when a 26 years old is buying a SF in the toy store...good thing i have a reason to buy... my kids! hehehehe!!! harriet

iceklicky said...

haha harriet,
Thanks for your comment! It's good to hear that you can play SF with your daughters. It is a good family activities!! I bought the grass from model shop. Hope you could share you photo with us sooner! :-D

KITkritters said...

hi iceklicky & harriet!
I’m so happy that i found you guys! I always thought that i'm a lonesome weirdo coz I really gone crazy on sylvanian families. For almost 5 yrs, I have kept my collection all for myself not knowing there are other people who share the same fascination for these cute critters.

I’m a little embarrassed whenever the toy salesman would ask me, “For what age ma’am?”
Unfortunately, I’m still single and got no excuse whenever I’m buying SFs toys.

Just had my new-born site: for my precious collection.
I owe you on this one, iceklicky, your site is such an inspiration.
I’m trying to post more photos so we can inspire & encourage more people to collect SFs.

iceklicky said...

Hi Kitkritters,
Nice to meet you and welcome to the SF net world!!! Surely you will not be lonely in collecting SF anymore!
You took great SF pictures too and I really like your polymer clay food, they look real!!
Looking forward to seeing more of your SF photos!
BTW, thank you for your comment. :D

Anonymous said...

hi SF friends, would ther be any chance that you could help me find a donut stall/shop for my new restaurant? i hate paying via paypal... if there will be please, please tell me.

many thanks!


SylvanianFAN said...

Hi, I love your SF stories and pictures!!! And I was just wondering if you could tell me what you think of my new SF story that I made last night? Cause I'd really like it if you could take a look and maybe give me some advice and what you think of it? Here it is:

Thanks, - Sharni

iceklicky said...

Hi Sharni,
Great start of your blog!!!! You collection is massive too!
Hope to see more of your collection coming. :D

SylvanianFAN said...

Thanks! I'll be making some more weekly as your blog is an inspiration for me so make sure you have a check for some more stories when you can cause I'll defently be posting alot more because im working on one now :) I have 52 figures so far but i will be getting some more in a few weeks because I'm getting the whole cow family including all the babies, sooo cute! Well talk to you another time :D - Sharni