Sunday, October 25, 2009

The most beautiful bride-to-be

Story continued from ~ A mystery letter ~
sylvanian families beautiful
sylvanian families bride
sylvanian families dress shop The ladies got together panicking what they could wear on the wedding day.
They found something nice in the Sylvanian dress shop, but they wanted to look around in other shops too.sylvanian families new dress shop They searched in the Bramble department store.
sylvanian families wedding plan The checked with Mama Judy,
the elderly in the village who was also a skillful tailor.
sylvanian families shoe shops They also checked for the shoes,
as most Sylvanian doesn't even own a pair of shoes at home.
sylvanian families bride speaking However, their actions had caused some inconveience for the others.
sylvanian families shop
sylvanian families grocery shop At the same time, the bride-to-be walked out from the grocery store.
sylvanian families dresses
sylvanian families blog
sylvanian families streets Afte hearing the message, everybody left the dress shop quietly and happily.

~ Story to be continued ~

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Anonymous said...

You always have lovely posts! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. :-)

iceklicky said...

Hi okasaneko,
Thanks for your visit too! :-)

Miks said...

Wow, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing your stories! xxx

iceklicky said...

Hi Miks,
Thanks for your comment too!

Anonymous said...

Love this i hope you can continue tihus story

iceklicky said...

Slowly working through it.... hehe